January 03, 2012

Time To Start Blogging Again

Well we fianlly have moved into the house. It has been a very hetic 4 months of pure frustration and worries. But now that we are in the house it is so wonderful. It is like a great weight has been lifted from us. We still have a bunch of stuff to move and get organized, but the main stuff is all in and put in its proper places. Still have painting to do beings I fired the painters after they decided to just show up at their leisure and not be having been done when we were moved in (the week of Christmas).
We had Christmas eve and Christmas day at our house. It was very quiet and had a good time with family.
I am so excited to be able to have some time to myself (with hubby) and do our own thing. I still don't have internet but will hopefully on Friday. Have started organizing my craft room and have so many ideas of thing to start making. Grand babies birthday is in a month and I have a few things I am going to try to have made for her.
Hubby starts radiation for prostate cancer this week. So this is our next hurddle to overcome. We take it one day at a time and pray for God to see us thru this and to take the worries from our hearts. When we go to the cancer center is is an eye awaking experience. The people are all so nice and I enjoy sitting and listening to others stories. They are all so upbeat and so friendly.
I am going to keep up my blog this time. Post pictures of my crafties and try to post some tutorials too. I am going to put together before and after pictures of the house too.

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