January 06, 2012

Yeah we have internet at the house now. So now I can sit in my chair at night and go blog crazy! I have been working on my craft room this evening. I moved a bunch of stuff over from the other house and started to sort and organize. I cannot wait to have it all done and start to craft and sew again. My poor hubby will have to come visit me in my craft room to spend time with me.
Speaking of hubby he had his 3rd radiation treatment today...just 41 more to go. So far it has been going good and no side effects yet. They say after about 2 weeks the side effects can or will start to show up. We are going to Kmart tomorrow to get an exercise bike. They say exercise will help you feel better during treatment of prostate cancer.
I think I will post some pictures of some of my past crafts.

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