October 11, 2016

Pumpkin Topiary

This is a pumpkin topiary made from those $1 plastic pumpkins from Walmart. Another simple fall project.

You will need these items to complete.
1. 4 plastic pumpkins
2. spray paint
3. rocks
4. vinyl letters (or you can paint them on)
5. fall decor for the top
6. piece of Styrofoam 
7. Hot glue gun and glue

This is the pumpkins you will use. I know they have a face on them but the face will be towards the back. Once you paint them you can still see the face outline but it is not quite as pronounced.

I used a Metallic color for the one I did. You can use what ever color you want. I have seen versions of these done in black, white or a cream color.

Once painted and dry you can put on the letters. I used my Cricut to cut the letters from vinyl. You could cut a template and paint them on. If you are really talented (I am not) you could free hand it. 

You can change the words to what ever you want. I know my sister up North said she wouldn't put the Y'all but I am in the south so it works well.

The next step is to add the top flower arrangement. I cut some small pieces of styrofoam and layered them inside the top pumpkin. I then just stuck the arrangement in and added some moss around the edges. 

to finish up you will want to add some rocks or something heavy to the bottom pumpkin to keep iot stable. You can glue the pumpkins together if you want. I did not beings mine will stay inside.

I would think if you wanted it outside you might need to come up with a way to stack it on a large base to keep it from tipping in the wind. You could use a large flower pot or urn and fill it with rocks and have something over the top to glue the bottom pumpkin too. I may try one for my outdoor fall decor.

Another idea that I have seen is to put your house numbers on instead of words. 

The total cost for this one about $20

Just love how it turned out.


  1. This is gorgeous. But, would you have to put a rod through all of the pumkins to stabilize them enough to put them on the porch or in the garden. Do you think that would keep it from blowing over if you fill the bottom pumkin with heavy rocks?

    1. I'm not sure how it would be outside. The ones I have seen they have on a porch so they are kind of protected from the wind. Also seen where you can put them in an Urn type pot to help make it more sturdy.

  2. I'm an editor with Redmodelaholic.com and wonder if I could use one picture (with a clear link back to this post, of course, and credit to you) in a round up we're doing about fall front porches? Let me know if this is acceptable. Thanks! bugabooblog@yahoo.com

  3. What size is the letter S and last name?