January 21, 2012

Making Progress

I have made great progress in my craft room. All boxes are now empty. I have a lot or organizing to do but it is starting to look good. I am hoping to do a project tomorrow.
I hung some wall groupings in the entry way and hallway today. It takes me awhile to figure out how and where I want things to go. I still have some painting to do but I was tired of looking at bare walls. I am not in the painting mood these days so I will just take stuff down when I am ready to paint. At least they all have one coat on them and you have to look pretty close to see that they need a second coat.
Terry went with Keshia (our daughter) today to help her buy herself a new vehicle. He was pretty touched by her when she told him that she is so proud to call him her dad. He is her step dad but she has always considered him her dad.
Lashia is starting to say more and more words. I asked her what her name was and she says "Me" So cute! Hard to believe that she will be 2 years old in a couple of weeks.
Terry and I were going to go out tonight for supper but he was pretty tired when he got in. The radiation is starting to make him very very tired. So I cooked us some catfish, scallops, sweet potatoes and peas. It was very delicious. We had some wine and really enjoyed ourselves.  I had two glasses of wine and could not believe how tipsy I got.
Working on getting some audio books ripped to my computer so I can give the discs to my sister in law tomorrow. Love those audio books.

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