January 07, 2012

My Owl Obsession

Ok here is my latest owl find. I have come to love owls thru my sweet grand daughter, Lashia. I had bought a ceramic owl at a yard sale just because it was so cute. I sat it up on a shelf and almost forgot about it. One day when Lashia was just a baby ( not sure but she was under a year old) she noticed the owl and was scared of it. So each day I would take it down and let her get to know it better. Come to find that it was a music box owl. I would wind it up and sit her on the floor with it and pretty soon she started to give it hugs and kisses. Owl was also the first word she could really say well and the HooHoo sound too. Needless to say she loves owls and her mommy did her room in owls and her and I are now Owl crazy!

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