May 13, 2012

Special Mothers Day Gift

I got the inspiration for this wall art from Pinterest. I always like to make something special for Lashia's mommy (our daughter) Keshia for special occasions. This is what I made for her for mothers day.
I used a a canvas that I painted. I modge podged the pictures and and then decided it needed a little something else. So i took washi tape (love love love washi tape) and i made a border with it. For the pictures I just took a small canvas and taped the letters to each one and just shot some pictures hoping for some that would be good to use. Lashia was more wanting to go play in the water on this day then getting her picture taken. But they turned out great and her mommy loved it.

May 06, 2012

LOVE Wall Art

I created and made this LOVE wall art this weekend. It was very simple. It is foam board, wood letters that I painted black, washy tape for the border, and then wire for hanging. Total cost of about $20.00.