August 19, 2012

Owl Wall Hanging

I created this little owl wall hanging one afternoon (I was suppose to be organizing my craft room).
I used a technique I see on Pinterest. I painted my wood black and then put a coat of Elmer's glue over that. I waited until it was tacky and then put my top coat of paint on. It crackles it but i think I need to put a thicker coat of glue next time. I think it gave it a very unique look.

Vase...idea from Pinterest

I have seen vase on Pinterest that use use rubber bands and then paint them. This is my version. I put a bunch of rubber bands and then I filled the vase with green sand (hobby lobby) and I think it looks pretty cool.

August 06, 2012

Simple Crafting

I was suppose to be organizing my craft room but, I get side tracked easily and I had to do a quick and simple craft project. Kind of am thinking that I need to craft all my stuff and then I won't have to organize so much. Anyways I just used a simple board that is suppose used to do a tiled like look for a picture. So I painted it and then cut items from a magazine to embellish it. Turned out kind of cute I think so. I also have this listed in my Esty store.

Unique Crosses

I love how my newest craft projects have turned out. These crosses can be done in so many different ways. They are pretty heavy (like 5lbs).  They are about 12" wide by 14" tall. I got the inspiration from some that I saw at a litle shop near Townsend, TN this summer. I have these 2 listed for sale in my Etsy shop.