September 28, 2012

Fall and Halloween Decor Blocks

I made these lighted blocks years ago. I love lighted blocks, and now there are so many ways to decorate them. You can expect an owl one from me in a few days.

Sneak Peek into My Craft Room

Oh yeah getting so close with the craft room. Felt comfortable taking a few pictures for a sneak peek today. These are a few of my storage solutions.

Jars make great storage for all those little things. Buttons, small rolls of ribbon and lace. Love the rusted tops from Factory Direct.

This is part of a cabinet hubby made me years ago. I took the door off , painted it , modge podged scrapbook paper for the back and trimmed it in    ...    washi tape    ...    of course.

This is the door, again I painted it and trimmed it out in    ...    washi tape    ...    of course. The pin cushion won't stay there, it was one of those things I came across and just gave it a temporary home.

This is my ribbon storage, not so sure I like it or not. It will do for now though.

I could only take a partial picture of this unit (due to clutter still there). It is part of my large crafting table and as you can see I like color. The material on the top is in an old freezer basket. The baskets are one of my spray paint projects. The jars and cans are from the 99 cent store.

Cabinet Redo With Chalk Paint

I did a Blahhhh to Fab! project. I had bought these 2 white cabinets at a yard sale for $5 a piece. They had a little water damage on the bottom so I just took them apart and trimmed that part off. That worked better to stack them. I am really going to have to start doing before and after pictures. Anyways, white was just doing it any favors so I decided to give it a few coat of chalk board paint. Painted the handles red and trimmed it out in....washi tape...of course.They wrok perfect in my craft room.

Gave The Old Knife Block A Makeover

I have gotten where I cannot hardly stand anything that is just a brown color. I kept looking at my knife block and knew it needed some color. So last night I got my spray paint out and this is how she turned out...

Looks kind of yellow in the house so I took it outside. It is a lime green.

More Owls In My House

Stopped at Kirkland's yesterday. I have to check their owl stuff out. They have got tons of it. I have been waiting for them to put the large owl pillows on sale but they have not yet. They only had a few left so I went ahead and got me one. Then...I seen this owl canister set...and it was kind of retro looking. It was not on sale but the girl gave me a  code to text and I got $10 off of $50. I also got some really cute owl sun catchers to hang in the window. Here is a picture of my awesome canister set...

September 24, 2012

It Is An Owl...Really It Is!

Ok I had this huge embroidery hope that I needed to do something with. I seen on Pinterest where they took latch hook rug mesh and tulle and made a wreath. I don't remember exactly what it was now, but I know they used pipe cleaners to fasten the tulle to the mesh. I figured that the mesh could just be pulled half way through the mesh and it would stay. Then I had a vision of making this owl. I cut pieces of paper for the shapes I needed (just to get an idea of the placement) and then free handed it as I went. My hubby just couldn't see the owl and neither did my brother. Must be a guy thing because my daughter and grandbaby seen it right away (before it was even done). Turned out kind of cool I must say. It took a lot of tulle!

Pretty Painted Vase for My Daughter

I did another painted vase. This one was per the request of my daughter, KassiJo. Pretty sure I will need to keep it here for awhile now. Her husband is in the Air Force and will be stationed in Korea for a year. KassiJo will move in with us for that year and then they will be off to someplace new (maybe California) They will have to put their household belongings in storage so I will just store this for her.

Small Upcycle Project with Memories of the Past

I have had this wooden organizer for like 27 years. I remember when I bought it. I was a young wife and mother and didn't have much money. I was invited to a gift party (don't remember what it was called) Well I knew I wanted to buy something (didn't want to feel left out i guess) so I saved up $20.00 and bought this wooden organizer. I never really used it for much more then the tv remote. I have often thought about selling it on a garage sale but the memories just wouldn't let me. So the other day I decided to give it a face lift and display it in my home. I just painted it yellow and added some washi tape. It is not much but it is to me...

Candle Stick/Candy Dish/Popuri

I had a bunch of assorted wooden pieces that I had bought off Ebay years ago. As I am organizing my craft room I am trying to use things I already have, to do craft projects. This is one of those projects.
I did buy the top at the 99 cent store.

Painting Pinecones...So Pretty

Ahhh I love spray paint. I really love how these turned out. They add a real pop of fall to my home decor.

Recycled Juice Containers...Painted

So I had a bunch of these laying around in my craft room. These are Great Value Juice Mix containers. I was going to duct tape them to make them look pretty and use them for storing little odds and ends. I did one and just did not like how it looked.
I was outside painted a wooden bowl and I came in to get something and seen one sitting on the counter. I crabbed it and went back outside and sprayed it. Loved how it turned out. So I got all my spray paint colors out and went and collected all the containers....and this is what got...sure will brighten up my craft room too! I might add some washi tape to them...or maybe just leave them as is.

Faux Wood Owl Picture

I tried doing the crackle effect again using Elmer's glue. Last time I did it on wood and I don't think I put the glue thick enough. This one is on canvas. I painted it black and let it dry real well. I then put a think layer of  Elmer's glue and let it dry just a little. I did want it to be too wet but not too dry either. I then put a coat of orange paint on using a foam brush. you don't want to go over it but one time and longer strokes work the best. I modge podged a picture of an owl ( that I took at the zoo). When it was dry I used chalk to tone down the black background.

Canning Lid Pumpkins

OMGosh I have so been ignoring my blog page. I have been working on my FB page and kind of got lost. Also still working on that craft room. I get started and still find myself crafting instead of organizing. I have been on a crafting streak the past week. This does not happen very often so when it does I must take advantage of it. I made these cute Canning Lid Pumpkins this afternoon when I got home from work. They are so simple to do, I got the idea off of pinterest of course. You just string the lids on some twine (or any kind of string) and then tie it real tight to form a circle. I used some bamboo that I had for the center and pipe cleaners for some color. Oh yeah and I wrapped the bamboo in washi tape.