September 24, 2012

It Is An Owl...Really It Is!

Ok I had this huge embroidery hope that I needed to do something with. I seen on Pinterest where they took latch hook rug mesh and tulle and made a wreath. I don't remember exactly what it was now, but I know they used pipe cleaners to fasten the tulle to the mesh. I figured that the mesh could just be pulled half way through the mesh and it would stay. Then I had a vision of making this owl. I cut pieces of paper for the shapes I needed (just to get an idea of the placement) and then free handed it as I went. My hubby just couldn't see the owl and neither did my brother. Must be a guy thing because my daughter and grandbaby seen it right away (before it was even done). Turned out kind of cool I must say. It took a lot of tulle!

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