September 28, 2012

Sneak Peek into My Craft Room

Oh yeah getting so close with the craft room. Felt comfortable taking a few pictures for a sneak peek today. These are a few of my storage solutions.

Jars make great storage for all those little things. Buttons, small rolls of ribbon and lace. Love the rusted tops from Factory Direct.

This is part of a cabinet hubby made me years ago. I took the door off , painted it , modge podged scrapbook paper for the back and trimmed it in    ...    washi tape    ...    of course.

This is the door, again I painted it and trimmed it out in    ...    washi tape    ...    of course. The pin cushion won't stay there, it was one of those things I came across and just gave it a temporary home.

This is my ribbon storage, not so sure I like it or not. It will do for now though.

I could only take a partial picture of this unit (due to clutter still there). It is part of my large crafting table and as you can see I like color. The material on the top is in an old freezer basket. The baskets are one of my spray paint projects. The jars and cans are from the 99 cent store.


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