January 15, 2015

A Few more Christmas Crafties

Special canvas painting I made for Our daughter and her husband.
They are stationed in Germany. Another one of my crafties is
now in Germany!

My three sweet little snowmen. I snatched up some old bed springs at
an Antique mall in St Joseph Missouri.
Seen this idea on Pinterest so I decided to make my own.
The buttons I used are
some of my Grandma's that I brought back from Minnesota.

Photo Frames with Bling

I designed these cute photo frames mostly from items I had in my craft room. The wood was left over from a job we did years ago. A little burlap, scrapbook items, scrabble tiles... and we have two awesome photo frames. I like that the pictures are so easily changed out.


January 09, 2015

Painted Wooden Signs

I love doing painted signs. The ideas are endless for what you can come up with.

I made this sign for our son-in-law Christophor's parents.
Christophor is a special Angel in Heaven and he watches
over all of us every day.

This sign was inspired from a song I first heard on one of my favorite TV shows, Nashville.

I love this sign and have it sitting by our fireplace in the entry way
of our home. It is always good to be Home.

This is one of the first wood sign I made.
A daily reminder to appreciate every moment of our lives

I made this for our daughter and her husband who are stationed in Germany.
So cool to have one of my crafties all the way in Germany.

I had gotten and old wooden crate at an antique shop in Myrtle Beach years ago.
Decided it needed a little update. Added this inspirational quote .
It sits in our living room so we can see it every day..
A simple Fall sign

A Simple Welcome sign

Of course I have to have an OWL related sign.
This beauty is hanging in our bedroom.

Handprint and Footprint Canvas

The Grand Kiddos and a blast doing handprint and footprint canvas gifts for Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa and a fun time too. Love doing personalized gifts while they are still at an age that they want to this.

Owl Christmas Tree 2015

I put up my owl tree again this year. I had about 15 new owls to add to it. If I add anymore owls I will have to get a bigger tree. Thinking I might put my owl tree up in the entry and do a more traditional tree in the living room next year.
Did my owl table décor. I had gotten this really neat birch wood ribbon. That is what is wrapped around the candles.

January 08, 2015

Mr Snowman ... So Handsome!

I talked the Hubby into helping me build this snowman out of old tires. He was even sweet enough to go to the tire place to scrape up a few more different sizes.
We just spray painted them white ( 2 coats) Just a note that some tires will look yellow. I guess the oil on them or something. We tried to paint the one black and then white over it, but that didn't matter it still looked yellow. I didn't use them because I wanted real white.
I used coffee can lids for the buttons and just fastened them with screws. The hat is a large plastic lid from a bucket and painted black. I paint an old plastic flower pot black and attached everything with screws.
The eyes are some pieces I kept from an old shower caddy I didn't want anymore. Figured they would come in use for something one day.
The nose is an old screwdriver painted orange. Just drilled a hole and stuck it in there.
Painted the mouth with craft paint. Drilled holes and stuck some branches in them for the arms. Added mittens and...TaDa!
Next year I will add a scarf, just didn't have one big enough.

You Are My Sunshine Canvas

This is my favorite new décor. I had the three youngest Grand Kiddos put their little handprints to make a sun. It turned out so awesome! Love it!
I painted the canvas a light blue and the brushed a darker blue lightly so the light blue still shows through. I cut the letters out of black vinyl with my Cricut.