January 08, 2015

Mr Snowman ... So Handsome!

I talked the Hubby into helping me build this snowman out of old tires. He was even sweet enough to go to the tire place to scrape up a few more different sizes.
We just spray painted them white ( 2 coats) Just a note that some tires will look yellow. I guess the oil on them or something. We tried to paint the one black and then white over it, but that didn't matter it still looked yellow. I didn't use them because I wanted real white.
I used coffee can lids for the buttons and just fastened them with screws. The hat is a large plastic lid from a bucket and painted black. I paint an old plastic flower pot black and attached everything with screws.
The eyes are some pieces I kept from an old shower caddy I didn't want anymore. Figured they would come in use for something one day.
The nose is an old screwdriver painted orange. Just drilled a hole and stuck it in there.
Painted the mouth with craft paint. Drilled holes and stuck some branches in them for the arms. Added mittens and...TaDa!
Next year I will add a scarf, just didn't have one big enough.

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