March 07, 2015

Canvas Panel Frames

I wanted a simple frame project to display our grand children photos. I also wanted it simple to change them out. I bought some 6x6 and 5x7 canvas panels. Love these things. They are light weight and the uses for them are endless...and cheap. Amazon


I painted them with chalk board paint so I could write on them.

I had several old wooden plate holders ( I think this is what they are called)
I painted them black.  

I got some cheap black frames from WalMart. They come in packs of 2 so when it says 6 frames you really get 12 frames.

I glued (use a strong hold glue) some strong magnets on the back of the frames. I used 2 per frame but four would hold better. I wanted the frames to be easy to remove to change pictures out. The magnets hold through the canvas. So I held the frame on the canvas and put magnet on the back of the frame (do not glue the ones on the back so it is easily moved to center the frame)

I used chalk board markers to put each of the grand children names across the top.

Love how they turned out.

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