December 24, 2015

Family Word Collage

Seen this on Pinterest and found out how to create my own. Made this one for my daughter. I used the gel medium process to transfer it to a piece of plywood. 


Travel Tote

Our daughter had seen one of these on the internet and wanted me to make her one. I sent her a set of fabric markers so they can color in all the places they have been. Sent it to her in Germany for Christmas.


Transfer Canvas

I used the gel medium transfer technique on this canvas. I have done it on wood before and it turned out well. Not a real fan of doing it on canvas though. I had to touch it up quite a bit to get it this way. I put Washi tape around the edges.  I will stick to just the wood from now on.

I added washi tape to the edges and some ink to give it an aged look.

December 16, 2015

Glass Block Lighted Glitter Snowflake

This was such a simple project. I love when I can complete a craft project in just a few hours. I am definitely a very impatient crafter.
I had the glass block on hand. I am still trying to use up items that I have had in my craft room for years. Slowly but surely I ma dwindling down the clutter. 
I had order these cute gold wire lights that I inserted into the glass block. Then with a little Tulip Paint I painted a snowflake on the block. I sprinkled it with gold glitter and that was it.
Love how it turned out.

December 07, 2015

Glitter Wine Bottle Christmas Decor

Such a simple idea for Christmas Decor. Wine Bottle, Glitter paint, twine for the top (I rubbed some distressed ink on the twine) and glitter for the tree. I might add a star to the top.
Inspired from Pinterest...of course.

Glitter Wine Glass Candle Holders

I got the inspiration for this wine glass from Pinterest of course.
The Keeper of the Cheerios has a great page dedicated to painting these wine glasses.
I used the same glitter paint that she recommends on her page.

My Santa! Even after I grabbed the pink paint instead of the red for the first still turned out great.
Love how it turned out.

And my cute little favorite one.

My Gingerbread Man!

December 02, 2015

Pallet Christmas Tree

Made a simple Pallet Christmas tree. I added some solar lights to this one. I plan on using it in my outside Christmas display this year. 

My DIY Pallet Snowman

Love my Pallet snowman. 
Of course I was inspired from Pinterest.
I managed to talk the hubby into cutting apart some pallets I had on hand.
I took a strip of wood for how tall I wanted him to be and screwed the pallet boards to it.

I just kind of eye balled it until the lay out looked like I wanted it to look.
Then I drew my circle shapes out for the head, middle and the bottom. I just put a screw in the middle and used the sting and pencil method to draw them on the boards.
For some reason it didn't really come out even the first time I did it so I measured and put some marks to make it easier to draw out.
Hubby cut them with the jig saw. I can do it but I like to make him feel useful too. <Smile>

The hat is a strip of wood with two short pieces of pallet wood screwed to the back. Painted it black and add some bling to it.
The eyes were some brackets from an old shower caddy I didn't want. I keep any little pieces of stuff that might come in useful one day.
The nose is a spoon, bent and held behind the board. I didn't paint it because I liked the natural look of it.

I spray painted him white. It took 4 cans of paint. I think next time I will brush paint instead.
Painted the buttons and then attached a miniature tree ornament I had on hand.
The mouth is decorative thumbtacks (I had on hand)
Had to add some rosy cheeks per the Grand-baby...
And added a scarf!

Painted Owl Wine Glass

Got the inspiration from all the wine glasses on Pinterest.
A painter I am not. I tried making a pattern and taping it inside the glass...did not work. So I just free handed it from the picture I drew. I used oil based paint pens. Any mistakes came off easily with rubbing alcohol. For the most part I guess it turned out pretty good.