December 02, 2015

My DIY Pallet Snowman

Love my Pallet snowman. 
Of course I was inspired from Pinterest.
I managed to talk the hubby into cutting apart some pallets I had on hand.
I took a strip of wood for how tall I wanted him to be and screwed the pallet boards to it.

I just kind of eye balled it until the lay out looked like I wanted it to look.
Then I drew my circle shapes out for the head, middle and the bottom. I just put a screw in the middle and used the sting and pencil method to draw them on the boards.
For some reason it didn't really come out even the first time I did it so I measured and put some marks to make it easier to draw out.
Hubby cut them with the jig saw. I can do it but I like to make him feel useful too. <Smile>

The hat is a strip of wood with two short pieces of pallet wood screwed to the back. Painted it black and add some bling to it.
The eyes were some brackets from an old shower caddy I didn't want. I keep any little pieces of stuff that might come in useful one day.
The nose is a spoon, bent and held behind the board. I didn't paint it because I liked the natural look of it.

I spray painted him white. It took 4 cans of paint. I think next time I will brush paint instead.
Painted the buttons and then attached a miniature tree ornament I had on hand.
The mouth is decorative thumbtacks (I had on hand)
Had to add some rosy cheeks per the Grand-baby...
And added a scarf!

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