December 08, 2016

Little Christmas Crate Train

Oh my I LOVE LOVE LOVE how my little crate train turned out. I got my inspiration from  The Keeper of the Cheerios blog post. I did a few thing differently to make it my own. I figured I have about $100 in just the materials. So worth it though.

I didn't take step by step photos. You can pretty much follow her video and then just change it up a bit for your style. I tried to use items that I had on hand to keep the cost down a bit.

I had gotten some crates from Walmart and from Michaels. I like the style better with the ones from Michaels but the Walmart ones are built better. Both were right at $10 each.

For the wheels I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 16 of cookie tins. Painted the lids white (it took about 4 coats). In the video it shows hand painting the swirls on the wheels. I cannot hand paint anything so..... I have a Cricut so I cut them out with 631 vinyl and applied them. 

Used a piece of PVC pipe for the smoke stack. The base is a canning lid. I useed the E6000 glue to hold it in place. 

Of course I had to make some little signs to dress it up a bit. I had some miniature tree ornaments that I used for a little bling on the signs and the front of the train engine.

Santa and Rudolph are made from vinyl and put inside a 4x4 picture frame from Walmart. I velcroed these on in case I need to remove them for replacement one day. 

This project took a little more time then this "impatient crafter" cares to put into a project. But I really like how it turned out.

North Pole Light Posts

This is a Trash to treasure project I did for my Christmas outdoor decor this year.

We had cemented these PVC pipes in a bucket to hold a volleyball net years ago. Well it never gets used anymore so I turned them into some North Pole Light Poles.

I had the hubby cut them to about 5' and cleaned them up.
Spray painted them white. I think I did two coats. Then I took painters tape and wrapped it around the poles. Make sure it is on tight with no gaps in it where the red paint could seep through. I then did two coats of red. Take the painters tape off right away (a bit messy).

I used some quart canning jars for the light globes. I gave them the frosted look with a coat of spray paint. Inserted a string of Christmas lights. I ran a cord down the inside of the pole and cut a hole at the bottom for the plug to come out of. I did this on the back side so you can't see it. To hold the jar on I glued the canning rim on the pole with E6000 glue. We have had some pretty good winds and they have held up just fine.

Added some tinsel to the buckets to cover up the concrete. Just used hot glue to hold it in place.

Made some cute signs with scrap wood and attached them with zip ties stapled to back of the sign.

Love how it turned out. I had everything on hand so the cost was pretty minimal.  Trash to Treasure is one of my favorite DIY projects to do.

October 22, 2016

Fall Owl Wreath

This is a very simple fall wreath I made in about 30 minutes.

I had see someone post a wreath the other day using a foam wreath and covering it in the brown paper packing stuff you in packages for protection. I had a package from Amazon the other day that a good amount of this stuff in it. I was in the decluttering mood this morning and was about to throw it away when I remembered that wreath idea. I had all the items on hand.

Instead of a foam wreath I used a wire wreath ($1 from Dollar Tree) and wrapped the paper around it. I used the hot glue gun and glued some moss around the inside.


I had some fall floral decor pices that I snipped apart. Glued these wround the edge. A little sweet owl and a fall sign from the Dollar Tree.

October 14, 2016

Burlap Pumpkin Makeover

I got the inspiration for this project off of Pinterest. This is the link to the web page for the Bread Booze Bacon's post. Plastic Pumpkin Bucket Makeover
I wanted to make it my own so I did some things differently.

Here is a list of items that I used.

1. One orange pumpkin bucket from Walmart ($1)
2. Burlap 4" ribbon cut in 12" lengths and then cut in half (2" x 12" strips)
3. White duck tape (or any color you choose)
4. Mod Podge
5. Cinnamon sticks
6. Ribbon
7. Beads
8. Pipe cleaner (cut in half)
9. Small piece of felt

I started with the pumpkin and covered it with duck tape.
You can just cover the top opening and then paint it or if you don't mind the orange you can just leave it. I am an impatient crafter so duck tape was the fastest way for me.

Once you have it covered you start applying the strips of burlap. You want to overlap the strips a little. I put mod podge on the pumpkin and applied more over the top of the strips.

You want to overlap them on the top and meet in the center. On the bottom you just want them to lay in a single layer. Reason being is that you will glue a piece of felt on the bottom and you want the pumpkin to sit flat.

I cut a circle piece of felt and with the mod podge still wet I applied it to the bottom. Let the burlap dry completely. 

Once dry I decided to use some cinnamon sticks glued together for the stem. I made a hole in the top large enough for them to tightly fit. 

I added ribbon and took a pipe cleaner (cut in half) and strung beads on it. I wrapped two of these around the stem to add some bling.

Love how it turned out.

October 11, 2016

Pumpkin Topiary

This is a pumpkin topiary made from those $1 plastic pumpkins from Walmart. Another simple fall project.

You will need these items to complete.
1. 4 plastic pumpkins
2. spray paint
3. rocks
4. vinyl letters (or you can paint them on)
5. fall decor for the top
6. piece of Styrofoam 
7. Hot glue gun and glue

This is the pumpkins you will use. I know they have a face on them but the face will be towards the back. Once you paint them you can still see the face outline but it is not quite as pronounced.

I used a Metallic color for the one I did. You can use what ever color you want. I have seen versions of these done in black, white or a cream color.

Once painted and dry you can put on the letters. I used my Cricut to cut the letters from vinyl. You could cut a template and paint them on. If you are really talented (I am not) you could free hand it. 

You can change the words to what ever you want. I know my sister up North said she wouldn't put the Y'all but I am in the south so it works well.

The next step is to add the top flower arrangement. I cut some small pieces of styrofoam and layered them inside the top pumpkin. I then just stuck the arrangement in and added some moss around the edges. 

to finish up you will want to add some rocks or something heavy to the bottom pumpkin to keep iot stable. You can glue the pumpkins together if you want. I did not beings mine will stay inside.

I would think if you wanted it outside you might need to come up with a way to stack it on a large base to keep it from tipping in the wind. You could use a large flower pot or urn and fill it with rocks and have something over the top to glue the bottom pumpkin too. I may try one for my outdoor fall decor.

Another idea that I have seen is to put your house numbers on instead of words. 

The total cost for this one about $20

Just love how it turned out.

July 02, 2016

4th of July Outside Decor

I love how this project turned out. I used a 4x4 6 foot long post.  Had the Hubby drill holes for my flags ($1 at the Dollar tree). And the solar lights are 97 cents at Walmart. I cut them off 3 inches so they looked better. I painted it white and used my Cricut to cut the words and stars. It was about a 3 hour project from start to finish.

January 20, 2016

Lazy Susan Rainbow Organizer

My latest project completed. I made this cool organizer for my jewelry making supplies. It is colorful and I attached it to a Lazy Susan turntable. It didn't cost much to make. Most of the supplies I got from the Dollar Tree and the rest I had on hand.

These are the items I used. The little bowls you can get 5 in a pack for a $1. The big bowl in the center also is a $1. The tray I got at Academy on clearance for like $3. I actually had 3 of the trays in the good will box in my car and on the way home from work one day this idea hit me so I had to get them back out. I painted it blue to cover up the logo in the center (took a few coats to cover it up). I wanted a rainbow look so each bowl I painted a different color. Of course the paints were on hand. I painted them on the inside. Ideally I would have spray painted them on the outsides but it is a bit too chilly here to be outside spray painting. I purchased an inexpensive turntable from Amazon and hot glued it to the bottom.

 And it fits perfectly in my craft cabinet!