January 20, 2016

Lazy Susan Rainbow Organizer

My latest project completed. I made this cool organizer for my jewelry making supplies. It is colorful and I attached it to a Lazy Susan turntable. It didn't cost much to make. Most of the supplies I got from the Dollar Tree and the rest I had on hand.

These are the items I used. The little bowls you can get 5 in a pack for a $1. The big bowl in the center also is a $1. The tray I got at Academy on clearance for like $3. I actually had 3 of the trays in the good will box in my car and on the way home from work one day this idea hit me so I had to get them back out. I painted it blue to cover up the logo in the center (took a few coats to cover it up). I wanted a rainbow look so each bowl I painted a different color. Of course the paints were on hand. I painted them on the inside. Ideally I would have spray painted them on the outsides but it is a bit too chilly here to be outside spray painting. I purchased an inexpensive turntable from Amazon and hot glued it to the bottom.

 And it fits perfectly in my craft cabinet!