October 14, 2016

Burlap Pumpkin Makeover

I got the inspiration for this project off of Pinterest. This is the link to the web page for the Bread Booze Bacon's post. Plastic Pumpkin Bucket Makeover
I wanted to make it my own so I did some things differently.

Here is a list of items that I used.

1. One orange pumpkin bucket from Walmart ($1)
2. Burlap 4" ribbon cut in 12" lengths and then cut in half (2" x 12" strips)
3. White duck tape (or any color you choose)
4. Mod Podge
5. Cinnamon sticks
6. Ribbon
7. Beads
8. Pipe cleaner (cut in half)
9. Small piece of felt

I started with the pumpkin and covered it with duck tape.
You can just cover the top opening and then paint it or if you don't mind the orange you can just leave it. I am an impatient crafter so duck tape was the fastest way for me.

Once you have it covered you start applying the strips of burlap. You want to overlap the strips a little. I put mod podge on the pumpkin and applied more over the top of the strips.

You want to overlap them on the top and meet in the center. On the bottom you just want them to lay in a single layer. Reason being is that you will glue a piece of felt on the bottom and you want the pumpkin to sit flat.

I cut a circle piece of felt and with the mod podge still wet I applied it to the bottom. Let the burlap dry completely. 

Once dry I decided to use some cinnamon sticks glued together for the stem. I made a hole in the top large enough for them to tightly fit. 

I added ribbon and took a pipe cleaner (cut in half) and strung beads on it. I wrapped two of these around the stem to add some bling.

Love how it turned out.

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