December 08, 2016

North Pole Light Posts

This is a Trash to treasure project I did for my Christmas outdoor decor this year.

We had cemented these PVC pipes in a bucket to hold a volleyball net years ago. Well it never gets used anymore so I turned them into some North Pole Light Poles.

I had the hubby cut them to about 5' and cleaned them up.
Spray painted them white. I think I did two coats. Then I took painters tape and wrapped it around the poles. Make sure it is on tight with no gaps in it where the red paint could seep through. I then did two coats of red. Take the painters tape off right away (a bit messy).

I used some quart canning jars for the light globes. I gave them the frosted look with a coat of spray paint. Inserted a string of Christmas lights. I ran a cord down the inside of the pole and cut a hole at the bottom for the plug to come out of. I did this on the back side so you can't see it. To hold the jar on I glued the canning rim on the pole with E6000 glue. We have had some pretty good winds and they have held up just fine.

Added some tinsel to the buckets to cover up the concrete. Just used hot glue to hold it in place.

Made some cute signs with scrap wood and attached them with zip ties stapled to back of the sign.

Love how it turned out. I had everything on hand so the cost was pretty minimal.  Trash to Treasure is one of my favorite DIY projects to do.

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