November 01, 2017

This is one of favorite wine bottle projects I have done so far. I spray painted them white and then added vinyl letters (cut with the Cricut). I then spray painted them with the brown and orange paint. After they dried for about an hour I took off the vinyl letters.  Added some twine and this is the final project. LOVE THEM! Another simple and quick craft project.

Had to try doing a couple of the painted pumpkins. After a little 'hunt and search' for some cheap foam pumpkins, this is the final result. The splattered one I used an old toothbrush. Did this in my bathroom sink ... not a brilliant idea. Next time I will take it outside. The dotted one I just took a small dabber foam brush (not sure of that is what is called). They turned out cute and diffidently one of a kind. Another quick and simple craft project for this impatient crafter.

Got the inspiration for these cute pumpkin blocks from Pinterest.
Had an old piece of a 4x4 that I cut into 3 different sizes. Painted them orange and added a design to each. Glued on some craft leaves for a little more color.
I had some old sink knobs that I painted brown and glued to the top for the stems. Added some twine with a little bling at the end. Love how they turned out. Another simple and quick upcycled craft.