January 03, 2019

Be Kind - Smile

I had originally made these 3" x 18" wood signs for a Valentines photo shoot, then repainted for a birthday photo shoot, then repainted for d├ęcor signs. I think this is their last redo. I display them on my mantel and bookshelf throughout the year. I made them using my favorite sign technique posted in an earlier post. (Santa's Reindeer Sign).

These fancy little containers I scooped up in the bargain bins at target. Added some vinyl words. Make a great little pencil holder on my desk at work.

Bling Coffee Cups

Made these coffee mugs for my co-workers this year. Dollar Tree coffee cups. The bling around the bottom is also from Dollar tree. It comes in sheets and you cut to size. It has  a back you peel and it sticks really good. I cut the words with the Cricut machine. Used 651 vinyl (permanent).
Really like how they turned out...kind of fancy!

Santas Reindeer Sign

Inspired from a Pinterest save. 
I had this piece of wood in my... 'will make a good sign one day' … stash. It is about 12 x 24 in size. The steps I use to make a sign are: 1. I paint the board the color that I want the letters to be. If you want more then one color you will just have to paint each section the color you want. I have not done this but it is on my to do list. 2. I cut the words with the Cricut machine. It does not matter what color vinyl you use. I try to use up scraps when I can. I use the 631 vinyl. 3. I apply the words to the wood. Make sure you rub them on really good so there are no air bubbles and the edges are secure. 4. Apply a coat of Mod Podge and let dry. This helps to prevent any leakage under the letters. 5. Apply your top coat of paint. I usually have to apply at least 2 coats. 6. Peal of the letters slowly and carefully. I always peal them off while the paint is still wet. It is a bit messy but I feel it avoids the edges to peel into the top coat. 7. fix any areas that may have peeled into the top coat. 8. This is optional but I like my sign to look old so I take sand paper and scuff it up a bit. Mostly around the edges but I do the rest over the words real light.

HO HO HO Blocks and Ribbon Tree

My HO HO HO Blocks. 2x4 blocks from the stash. Painted and glued some pretty scrapbook paper to the blocks. I cut the HO out of vinyl and stuck it on. Not sure how to get a craft any simpler then this. 
The ribbon tree I also made a few years ago. I don't think I ever posted it here. It is a styrofoam cone and then I took ribbon and pinned it to it, starting at the bottom. Glued a star on top and there it is. This is one of my favorite Christmas Crafts.
Santa is from Hobby Lobby.

O Christmas Tree

Yep... another Pinterest inspired Christmas craft. Scrap boards from my stash. Painted and glued some pretty trees cut from scrapbook paper. Simple...Quick...Festive!

Candles from 2x4's

Found this candle idea on Pinterest. I used scrap wood I found around the hubbies woodshop. It is about 4 foot tall over all. On the flames I cut the shape out of some pretty cardstock and glued them to the wood pieces. Added some burlap and a bow.  At the bottom I had these items in my Christmas stash so I just laid it around the bottom. Eventually I plan on gluing it to it. I rapped a few lights around but didn't get a picture of that. It turned out pretty nice and was fairly simple to do (with the hubbies help). 

Placemats and Cup Coasters

This fall I tried my hand at making some fall placemats. After searching for placemats online and in the store, I never could find exactly what I was looking for. I watched this video Quick and Easy Placemats and Napkins and it was very helpful. After I completed the fall placemats I was so impressed with myself that I went on and did 2 sets of Christmas placemats. I really love how they turned out.

I took scraps of material I had left over from various projects and made a few sets of cup coasters. Such a quick and simple gift idea. I found this video to make the coasters. Very helpful.  DIY Coasters

Fall Placemats

Christmas Placemats

Christmas Placemats

Sets of Coasters

January 02, 2019

Wooden Nativity Scene

The inspiration for this project is from a set I seen at Kirkland's. I love nativity Scenes and so decided that I should be able to make this one. Went and selected pieces of wood from my scrap stash. Had the hubby cut them to the sizes I needed. I used the Cricut machine to design and cut out the images from vinyl. I panted the blocks black, then applied the vinyl images. Put a coat of mod podge to seal it from letting any of the next coat of paint leak through. I painted the top coat, pealed off the vinyl.  Let dry and then sanded some to make it look wore.  Turned out pretty awesome!

Paper Christmas tree

Saw this on Pinterest, so gave it my own twist. Used patterned scrapbook paper cut into a tree shape.
Did the fan fold. With a hole punch I made holes for a wooden skewer to fit in. I save any kind of bottle caps that I feel would be useful in a future craft project. The bases are the caps from tequila bottles. Drilled a hole in caps and hot glued the skewers in the hole. Hot glued a miniature star decoration on the top. Doesn't get much simpler then this.

Three Dimensional Trees

I have so got to get better at posting my projects. I have this bright idea to do Christmas projects all year long. Reason being that I get all these great ideas right at Christmas time and then I stress over getting the done. 
So right after Christmas I made these cute little 3 dimensional wood trees. I designed them on the Cricut and then used the hubbies NEW band saw to cute them out. Used Paint chalk and then added a little accent color to them. Pretty simple little project.
Plans are to make about a 5 foot one and add hooks to hand ornaments for next Christmas.