January 03, 2019

Santas Reindeer Sign

Inspired from a Pinterest save. 
I had this piece of wood in my... 'will make a good sign one day' … stash. It is about 12 x 24 in size. The steps I use to make a sign are: 1. I paint the board the color that I want the letters to be. If you want more then one color you will just have to paint each section the color you want. I have not done this but it is on my to do list. 2. I cut the words with the Cricut machine. It does not matter what color vinyl you use. I try to use up scraps when I can. I use the 631 vinyl. 3. I apply the words to the wood. Make sure you rub them on really good so there are no air bubbles and the edges are secure. 4. Apply a coat of Mod Podge and let dry. This helps to prevent any leakage under the letters. 5. Apply your top coat of paint. I usually have to apply at least 2 coats. 6. Peal of the letters slowly and carefully. I always peal them off while the paint is still wet. It is a bit messy but I feel it avoids the edges to peel into the top coat. 7. fix any areas that may have peeled into the top coat. 8. This is optional but I like my sign to look old so I take sand paper and scuff it up a bit. Mostly around the edges but I do the rest over the words real light.

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